3 Divorce Tips

Are you considering divorce and wondering what information you need to get started? Read our 3 divorce tips, then contact New Jersey Divorce Attorney Tanya L. Freeman.

3 Divorce TipsWhat to Bring to Consultation

  • Helpful items you may want to bring include salary information, as well as general details regarding your assets and liabilities.

Choosing an Attorney for your Divorce

  • You may consider asking a potential attorney about the divorce process overall, including procedural steps and timeframes associated with each.
  • You may also consider discussing billing, fees and what to expect during your process as well as alternatives to litigation such as mediation and arbitration.

Questions You May Want to Ask Your Lawyer During a Consultation

  • Questions regarding the divorce process from start to finish.
  • The differences between mediation and litigation, and what percentage of cases go to trial.
  • What opportunities exist to resolve the case without spending time in court.

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Are you going through a divorce and want to know what the next step is or you have questions? Check out these 3 divorce tips, then contact New Jersey Divorce Lawyer Tanya L. Freeman to guide you.

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