Client Reviews

Tailored Legal Excellence: Meeting Your Unique Family Needs

Client Reviews

Tailored Legal Excellence: Meeting Your Unique Family Needs

Tanya L. Freeman
5 out of 5 stars based on 97 user reviews.


5 Lydia Martinez via Google logo

I was very fortunate to find Tanya online during an urgent family matter. I was able to speak with her on our situation and she immediately jumped on the case the same day. I was impressed at her knowledge and her team as they were able to answer questions on the spot and navigate through an unpleasant situation. Her honesty and responsiveness have made this process much easier, and the support she has provided has truly gone above my expectation of a family law firm. This is truly an exceptional firm & I would highly recommend.

5 June Hart via Google logo

I left a message at this office because I was seeking advice about my current order and I received a call back the same day by Tanya herself and she took the time to answer my questions thoroughly. I will be keeping this firm in mind when or if I need to return to court just from this experience alone. Thank you for being so kind Tanya.

5 Molly Howard via Google logo

My father recently hired Tanya Freeman; Family Law Attorney and her team as a replacement to handle his divorce which has been going nowhere for over 3 years with a different attorney. Tanya and her team have done so much within just a few months for his trial and has given my father a new sense of hope. The team is always quick to respond to any questions. The case is still ongoing, however, my father has newly restored confidence that he will be treated fairly and with his best interest in mind. We definitely recommend Tanya Freeman; Family Law Attorney.

5 Elvira Gomez via Google logo

I needed something filed in my divorce case. Tanya Freeman responded to my inquiry within minutes, drafted my court pleading immediately (and extremely well), and she filed it the next day. She’s an excellent lawyer, easy to deal with, and I honestly couldn’t recommend her any higher. Thanks so much.

5 Bonnie Adams via Google logo

Attorney Freeman is very knowledgeable attorney. From our first meeting, she explained everything to me in terms I could easily understand and was always very responsive when I had questions outside of our meetings.

5 Sheri Wright via Google logo

Ms. Tanya was professional, thorough and caring during a very complicated family court matter. Tanya was unwavering and tenacious. There just aren’t enough words to express our gratitude and admiration for her as a dedicated attorney and human being. We recommend her whole heartedly and thank her from our hearts for never giving up and fighting for us.

5 Brandi Harper via Google logo

Cannot say enough about the help and experience. Tanya Freeman and her staff are currently helping us and they are all incredibly knowledgeable, friendly and very accommodating. Highly recommended.

5 Ken Vasquez via Google logo

I had an exceptional experience with Attorney Tanya Freeman. Their team displayed remarkable professionalism and expertise throughout my legal process. They were attentive, thorough, and guided me every step of the way. I greatly appreciate their dedication and would highly recommend their services to anyone seeking legal assistance, especially high value divorce cases.

5 Jenifer Mckinney via Google logo

Tanya is an outstanding attorney! Her attentiveness to detail and willingness to be honest with her clients means you’re going to get the best possible outcome for your case. She and her team went above and beyond, making sure my divorce and custody case ended neatly and in the best interest of my children. Her pricing is reasonable and she’s willing to work with you. I highly recommend Tanya Freeman to anyone going through a divorce or family law case!

5 Raquel Sullivan via Google logo

Tanya Freeman was super helpful both times I had to reach out to her for advice and help. I had no idea how to start or go about the divorce process and she was very helpful over the phone, which shocked me, because I didn’t think anyone could help me over the phone and I felt really lost in this whole process. She was very friendly and called back right away. She helped me out and answered my questions. I would definitely recommend her!!

5 Bonnie Thompson via Google logo

I am deeply and thoroughly impressed with the amount of care and effort that was put into my divorce case by Tanya & her associates. She did a stellar job representing me throughout my case and I highly recommend her as an attorney. She fought diligently for my rights as a father, and provided my family with very successful results. Highly recommend!

5 Gary Barnett via Google logo

Tanya Freeman was very professional and approachable. She is exceptional attorney and very knowledgeable. She was up front at our consultation and goes above and beyond my expectation. Would highly recommend her!!

5 Crystal May via Google logo

My experience with Tanya Freeman has been fantastic. I’ve been through a couple of lawyers during my process and finally found a lawyer that actually looks out for her client. The team is very professional and truly seek resolution with the path of least resistance.

5 Trudy Rose via Google logo

Best attorney in New Jersey. Not only is Attorney Freeman brilliant at what she does, she makes her self available for her clients around the clock, unlike most attorneys who avoid their clients after getting their retainers. Hard to find a good attorney these days, glad I found her first.

5 Bonita Davis via Google logo

I highly recommend Tanya! Very professional and always there when I needed her. She explained everything, every step of the way and was happy to answer any questions that I had. She got me the exact results that I had wished for in a highly complicated divorce!!

5 Ada Andrews via Google logo

Tanya Freeman is my attorney for life! Thank you for all that you do for me. I sincerely appreciated your help. your always there for me and my family. you deserved more than 5 stars.

5 Justine Kimler via Google logo

I have nothing but incredible things to say about my process working with Tanya and her team. She came as a recommendation and it was the best decision I made for me. I’ve also provided her to a few others too.

5 Rhonda Charles via Google logo

I was a client of Ms. Freeman’s husband in Jersey City and Tanya took over my case when my Ex took me back to court to pay less child support. she was fantastic as a lawyer and understanding as a friend. I recommend Tanya without any reservations.

5 Jessie via Google logo

She is a great, professional lawyer and very smart. She’s not money hungry and very tough and quick on her feet in the court room. She ended a nightmare of mine. I would use her again and again if I had to, and I would also recommend her to anyone who is in a bad situation with family law. Also her staff is great, they reply fast and never leave you hanging.

5 Sameerah Dominick via Google logo

I was down and depressed! Feeling hopeless until I spoke to Tanya she is so amazing and a caring wonderful person. She took the time out to guide me threw the proper steps to further push the issue in getting me help to start my process. When the time comes for me to proceed with my process she will definitely be the one representing me. I have chosen the right Woman to help me, And you should chose her as well you will not be disappointed …….. Thanks soooooooo much Tanya.

5 Lula Gonzales via Google logo

My long term marriage ended and I found Tanya Freeman; Family Law Attorney on line and met with Tanya. I was impressed with how quickly she understood my situation and her honest and direct approach as to how we would approach a settlement. She also showed an awareness of my emotional state and was prepared to let me proceed at my own pace, which was something I appreciated. I entire experience was amazing.

5 Larry Weiss via Google logo

Best attorney.

5 Ester Zeuz via Google logo

5 Freda Winanes via Google logo

5 N. Johnson via

YES, and do so IMMEDIATELY because she books up fast! That is my answer to the person reading this review and wondering if you should hire Tanya L. Freeman, Esq.

If hearts could speak instead of mouths, I’d be able to give you a more thorough explanation as to why Attorney Freeman. But instead, I will do my best to pour it out into words.

My case was highly complex with a lot of questionable parts. In addition to the horrifying issues regarding my case, I happen to live out of state. Without hesitation, Attorney Freeman agreed to represent me. She not only communicated with me regarding updates to my case, but also filed my paperwork in a timely manner, and kept my spirits up given my deeply devastating circumstance.

Devon, Mary Lynn, and Janae were also very supportive and amazing in so many ways. I couldn’t of been blessed with a better team. Devon, I want you to know that my daughter absolutely fell in love with you, and the level of patience you exhibited says a lot about who you are personally, and not just professionally. Thank you!

To the person reading this review, if you ever questions based on my case, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly: nejohnson365@gmail. Thank you!!

5 Wynda G. via

A Remarkable and Caring Attorney! Here is the main reason why I am completely satisfied with choosing Tanya Freeman to represent me; she is a talented and outstanding attorney who worked for me as if I was her personal friend or family member. In other words, I know that she truly cares about her clients! I had the fortune of coming across her profile during my search for new representation after my first attorney became seriously ill. After my first meeting with her I was confident I had found the right person. Her knowledge, professionalism, honesty and genuine demeanor shined throughout the entire process. She skillfully brought calm to a very emotional and chaotic situation. Tanya and her amazing team (Julianne, Anthony, and Mary Lynn) worked steadfastly for me. I honestly cannot express enough thanks, gratitude or appreciation for all their hard work and support in what they helped accomplish for me and my daughter. Thank you Tanya!

5 Aida via

Ms. Freeman is like having an angel representing you in court! She is aggressive, unrelenting, prepared and articulate. I was more than satisfied with her representation and would recommend her to family and friends.

5 Anonymous via

Advised me what can be expected and worked hard to advocate what is right and fair for the best interest of the children. Performed very well and accomplished in one hearing what my former lawyer can’t in several Court hearings and mediations.

5 Anonymous via

Tanya is an exceptionally talented lawyer who helped me to win the best result for my case. I will be forever grateful to her and her staff for getting me through all the process. If you want the best lawyer look no further and hire Tanya she was all that for me.

5 Anonymous via

Very aggressive, diligent and caring attorney who was my ace in the hole.

5 Anonymous via

I was very satisfied with her representation and would not hesitate to engage Tanya as my attorney again.

5 Anonymous via

I had the great pleasure of having my case represented by this firm and overall I was pleased with the results of my divorce case. Thanks Tanya, you and your firm did an outstanding job with my separation. I’m very grateful for your service.

5 Anonymous via

If you want a problem free divorce I recommend Ms Freeman. She was very aggressive and detail oriented and as a result my divorce was not too adversarial and settled without costing me as much as I thought it would. I was always able to contact her and I always felt that she was in control of the process. I had never had a court case before so I didn’t know what to expect so I asked a lot of questions but Ms Freeman never seemed upset and explained everything to me, sometimes twice

5 Anonymous via

Everything I that I needed in a lawyer I found in tanya freeman, she explained what I could expect in my case and really fought for me like a junk yard dog. It seemed like she knew all the rules because she constantly telling them to the other lawyer and the judge and the judge said that she was right. Well prepared, articulate and aggressive is the best way to describe tanya. I found her on the internet and am happy to say that the reviews that i read about her before were true, she was amazing.

5 Anonymous via

I really respect Ms. Freeman for coming to my defense in my hour of need she was simply the best lawyer that I have ever used and I have had to use lawyers more than a few times in my life. She paid attention to me and listened to my worries and spoke to me about them and the whole divorce process. I felt like I was informed and knowledgeable about my case. I highly recommend Tanya for family law cases.

5 Anonymous via

Tanya and her team are nothing short of amazing! From my initial meeting to the conclusion of my divorce Tanya helped me every step of the way. She never forgot a detail about my case and anticipated my needs and had practical solutions. Tanya’s skill in court is exceptional, she commands a presence without the over the top theatrics that my husband’s lawyer used. When you know your stuff you don’t need the drama and that’s what Tanya delivers! My outcome was even better than I expected!

5 Anonymous via

Tanya was the perfect lawyer for me. She was aggressive yet not over the top and always had time to speak to me before we went to court. I had a great result but more importantly she showed that she really cared about my case.

5 Alice via

I was represented by Ms. Freeman for my family law case and she was well prepared and aggressive in the court. She was able to win my case and I am grateful to her and her team for helping me to get my life back on track.

5 Anonymous via

Top Professional. It was a blessing to have Tanya and her team in my case. I always feel like it was one of the ways, God helped me. I had “extremely difficult” case and the reason I put it in quotation is because that’s how judge phrased it. It was “the most difficult case” in judges entire career (this judge been in the career for very long and she was very knowledgeable and professional). My case involved every aspect and venues of family law and I am not even exaggerating it. One example, the other party even retained second custody expert and brought numerous witnesses to testify against me. And when I say witnesses, I mean pretty serious qualified professionals! Well, remember, I have Tanya on my case. Tanya smashed them and their testimonies within moments at the court room and the other party had no choice but settle. The other party and the attorney were not weak opponents at all, but very determined and knowledgeable fighters. However, results showed that, Tanya is well above, and goes above and beyond when it comes to protecting her clients. Her and her team respond very timely, she makes time for you and explains everything thoroughly. She is very caring person and very strong expert! All you need to do is to tell her about your case and trust her! You will never go wrong! Not only she is an expert in her field, but she is knowledgeable about variety of other factors.
I’m very happy with the outcomes of my case, which is what I was always wanted. It’s working great for me and my family! I know what it means when your case involves child/ren’s. To protect the most precious to you, hire Tanya!

5 Rachelle via

From our initial consultation throughout our 2 1/2 year legal battle, Tanya was compassionate, thorough, reliable and incredibly diligent. She was always thinking ten steps ahead regarding best approaches to everything. Tanya answered every question we had with honesty and sincerity. She never tried to spend our money frivolously and told us if she felt things were necessary to do or not. From day 1, Tanya was totally upfront about what challenges may lay ahead and was bang on with everything. She was incredibly reassuring to have next to me in court and she had the ability to calm my nerves, yet was right on top of everything. Her reputation amongst her colleagues and the legal community is outstanding. Over this long legal battle, we also got to know Tanya’s team very well and saw how they all work together. The outcome was the best – I was able relocate with my daughter to Canada! My family & I will be forever grateful to Tanya for leading us through this difficult time. RH & LW

5 P. Shah via

So happy I hired Tanya and her team. My husband’s attorney was extremely aggressive, he was having an affair and I feared he was hiding assets.  Tanya put my mind at ease and walked me through the process every step of the way.  We uncovered money I didn’t know about and she and her team secured my financial future so I can move on past my divorce.  They were responsive, competent, and aggressive when it counted.  I am forever grateful

5 Larry Weiss via

My lawyer was amazing. Guided me through every step of a very difficult divorce process. She has a great team behind her as well. I would highly recommend her to any one looking for a divorce attorney.

5 W. White via

Ms. Freeman is a polished professional who not only provided exceptional legal services but did so with genuine care and thoughtfulness.

5 Anonymous via

Tanya was recommended to me by one of my closest friends who she had previously represented in a custody case. My own issues concerned divorce and paternity and I hired her to represent me in my case. I can say that I never felt more comfortable or more pleased about my the way my case was handled from start to finish. Tanya is the real deal.

5 Austin via

Tanya Freeman is the best there is! I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Tanya for a couple of years and when going through a tough custody battle with child support, Tanya did not hesitate to offer her assistance. She was thorough, knowledgeable, and absolutely dedicated to my case. I am out of the state training for a new job opportunity and Tanya gave me the peace of mind I needed while away knowing my case was in good hands. She answered any questions I had and helped me navigate the often daunting family court system.
Tanya is a life saver. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a trustworthy, hard-working lawyer who will always fight for her clients’ best interest.

5 Ereni via

I had the pleasure to be represented by Tanya Freeman in my divorce case. In my phone consultation with her in late April 2017, I felt she will protect me and fight for my rights in a very high conflict divorce case. She accepted my case which was set to go on trial in June 2017, and I was so desperate as my previous lawyer was very incompetent and mishandlead my case for more than 17 months. I wish I had hired her back in August 2015 when my divorce started. She is experienced, very analytical, knowledgeable, meticulous, and highly skilled. In less than a week on my case, she was able to find very major details that changed my divorce outcome. She settled my case and saved me a lot of money by not going to trial.
After Tanya reviewed my case, she filed a motion to the court, which if was done by the previous attorney, would have saved me thousands of dollars. she possesses great argumentative and communicating skills in court. She treated me like a friend and she had my best interest at hand. I was regularly updated on what is going on in my case. Tanya and her team, especially her legal assistant were on top of every tiny detail in my case. Tanya put her best effort to settle my case in less than a month. She told me, be strong and we will get through this divorce.
I highly recommend Tanya if you are going through divorce.
Tanya, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for supporting me and giving me courage not to give up no matter what. I am so glad I got to know you. You are a great attorney.

5 Wynda via

Choosing Tanya Freeman as my legal representative was one of the best decisions I ever made! She is truly a talented and outstanding attorney who worked for me as if I was her personal friend or family member. I had the fortune of coming across Tanya’s profile during my search for new representation and after my first meeting with her I was confident I had found the right person. Her knowledge, professionalism, honesty and genuine demeanor shined throughout the entire process. Tanya skillfully brought calm to a very emotional and chaotic situation. I cannot express enough gratitude or appreciation for all her hard work and support in what she helped to accomplish for me and my daughter. Tanya, I give thanks to you and your amazing team, Julianne, Anthony, and Mary Lynn. You showed me that you care deeply about your clients! Thank you Tanya!

5 Raymond via

I Filed for divorce from my now ex wife in April of 2016. Mrs Freeman was recommended to me by a friend. I had every intention of consulting with her but for whatever reason that didn’t happen and I hired another lawyer. That lawyer was nice but in way over his head and no match for my lying vindictive bully of a wife. To make a Long story short and after the aggressiveness from my ex wive’s lawyer (whom I can’t blame) and the unfair mediation process. I was told that the best deal I would get was a minimum of 4 years of alimony and share my pension with my ex. This was devastating news but I refused to sign anything. but I eventually gave in and the Friday before i was to finalize I decided to consult with Mrs freeman. I just gave her minimal info and after a 10 minute convo I was surprised but skeptical of what I had heard. She decided to take on my case and I’m glad she did. I’m divorced a year later and I kept all my pension and absolutely no alimony for the ex. I was able to walk away from the marriage only paying child support. I owe it all to Mrs freeman and her staff. Thank you guys!!!!

5 Barbra via

Mrs. Freeman guided me through difficult times like well experience pro. Whenever I had any qualms or fears she would calm them and present solutions to any problems. She is simply a fantastic lawyer!

5 Anonymous via

Tanya was more than I could have imagined or hoped for in court. To say she cleaned house would be an understatement, My whole life changed when she took on my custody case. Everything changed before the judge when she pled my case, I was representing myself before because I thought that I didn’t need a lawyer. My ex boyfriend had a lawyer and I thought that I was going to lose my daughter. I borrowed money from my mother and hired Tanya and she became my savior in every way. I don’t know what would have happened if I tried to continue to represent myself. As you can can probably guess, I kept custody of my daughter thanks to Tanya.

5 Anonymous via

I met with many lawyers before Mrs. Freeman, so I am sure she is one of a kind. Her knowledge and drive work together to make a very gifted lawyer. She guided me through this stressful and difficult process with the ease of a well experienced lawyer. She was always available to explain some of the more complicated paperwork. If she wasn’t around, I could always speak to her staff who were eager to help. She truly is one of a kind!

5 Michelle via

I would definitely recommend working with Tanya Freeman. I had a very good experience with her and her legal team during my custody case. She’s very easy to work with . She’s a compassionate lawyer who will go out of her way to explain things, ask questions and ultimately ease one’s anxiety about the terrifying process which a child custody case can be. She sticks up for her client and respects their wishes. Things can get pretty tense in a courtroom but her great, poised manner on top of her very evidently being knowledgeable not only reassured me I was in good hands time and time again, but it also helped keep me calm and collected. She worked closely with me and my ex’s lawyer to come up with a settlement we could both agree on. She kept me grounded and reasonable, explaining to me my limitations while at the same time pushing for what ultimately was a settlement which I was very comfortable with and in which I didn’t feel I sacrificed my beliefs as a parent. This kept us from an extensive custody battle in court and in the end, I feel that Tanya fought for my beliefs as a mother and pushed for what I wanted even when I felt discouraged and almost gave in myself. I am forever grateful for that and therefore highly recommend her.

5 Yuri via

Ms. Freeman is my attorney and I highly recommend her because of how she helped me in my divorce. I was pleased by the way she kept me informed of the procedures, the way she represented me in court and clearly explaining everything to me so I understood my options. She never rushed me to make a decision and gave me good advice throughout the case. at the end of the case even the judge complimented her on how she conducted the hearing.

5 James R. via

So i barely write reviews for these kind of things, but she deserves it. I hired Tanya Freeman for a child custody case, which couldn’t have resulted any better. I called around plenty firms but didnt feel convinced they were the lawyer for me. As i was trying to get custody of my daughter with the odds against me, this was very important. She is very intelligent and quick witted with an excellet court room demeanor. Very knowledgeable and worth it, not to mention she is familiar with some of the judges. I would definitely retain her again.

5 Anonymous via

Tanya Freeman is a great lawyer. She has finally ended a living nightmare. She is not money hungry and she is also very quick on her feet in the court room. She will answer all your questions and is highly intelligent. My son now gets to stay in New Jersey with me and much more! Also her staff is always there to help, and they will get back to you ASAP. I would use her again if I ever need her. I will say once again! She was a saviour to me and my family and ended this horrible living nightmare . I highly recommend her to anyone who needs a good fair and professional lawyer in family law.

5 Jim via

My now ex-wife turned what i thought was a civil divorce into a nightmare. But thankfully Tanya was always one step ahead of her lawyer. She was able to accurately predict and plan for what my ex-wife’s lawyer would do. What was best of all was her amazing ability to find workable solutions that not only benefited me but also my children. I though I was going to lose my shirt in the divorce but instead I gained a friend in Tanya.

5 Wynda via

Tanya Freeman is by far an excellent matrimonial attorney. She came to my rescue and put my mind at ease. She is empathetic, knowledgeable, professional and a great communicator. She enabled me to feel completely at peace in a very difficult situation. With every conversation we had, I felt more secure with her representation and knew she was working rigorously on my behalf. Without hesitation I say Tanya a great attorney and I would refer her to anyone facing such an unfortunate dilemma.

5 Zoila via

I feel Tanya is the best lawyer in Hudson County. I have had two cases with her an each time she won. She always returns my calls and keeps me up to date on what is going on by phone or email.

5 Tommy via

Highly recommend!
Straight forward, explained in detail about divorce process. Always available to answer questions. Outcome for me was how she predicted. Very satisfied!
And now obtained her legal services again in revisiting my divorce decree in reduction of alimony because my ex has full time employment and my salary changed.

5 Andrea via

Ms. Tanya was highly recommended by my sister in law who Tanya represented in a custody and support case and she did not disappoint me. From the initial interview to the court room hearing I knew that I had made the right choice to retain Tanya. The case ended much better than I could of imagined and now I am the one recommending she to friends.

5 Crystely via

Tanya Freeman is a wonderful attorney. I have the pleasure of having her as my attorney. She is passionate, knows the law and works hard on your behalf. Easy to talk to, you get the sense you’re talking to a friend in return feeling very comfortable discussing your case and feelings. If you’re looking for a great attorney to fight for your rights, I highly recommend Tanya Freeman.

5 Anonymous via

Tanya Freeman did a great job with my case!! I would recommend her and use her anytime. Thank you Tanya

5 Aida via

Tanya Freeman was an excellent lawyer and from the start made me feel comfortable and at ease. She was professional and extremely knowledgable about the ins and out of the field and navigated my case in a detail oriented manner. Tanya has assisted me to not only make it through this stressful time, but has saved myself and my family’s peace of mind. I was dealing with the ugly effects of a divorce all while trying to keep my family life consistent for my child and she handled everything, only involving me in the necessary. Tanya is a lawyer for the people and her priority is the client, not the pay check. I would highly recommend her for any type of case. hire Tanya L. Freeeman and her team (Mary Lynn, Deris, and Angie) and they will work tirelessly to get you the win!!!!

5 Anonymous via

Im so glad I found her… There are still honest people in the world and Tanya Freeman is my proof.. My story is long and ugly…too much to fit in here but I had another attorney before Tanya…. A year long battle for child support… That attorney didnt care about my child and our future was in the wrong hands… There are too many sleezy unethical theives that wear a masks but would sell themselves to the highest bidder in a minute.. You don’t have to worry about that with Tanya.. No one can manipulate her with money or bribes… I thought i was hiring another attorney to defend my child but instead I hired a loyal friend… Im so grateful for her and will never forget her.. She wrapped it all up quick through mediation and we ended up with nearly double of what the other attorney said …. She treated us with care and respect.. Gave great advice and never rushed me to do anything I didnt fully understand… Her paralegal is awesome too… Mary Lynn Finnerty… If Tanya is away for some reason Mary Lynn will make every effort to guide you and get you the answers you need in a timely manner… I found Tanya just in time and I will keep her as my attorney for life because she has my trust.. Trust is worth more than gold!

5 Michael via

Tanya L. Hughes Freeman is a top rate lawyer. She handled my case with total professionalism. She also showed a side of being sensitive to me and my issues. Tanya has a very laid back demeanor but don’t let that fool you, she could be very persistent on issues for her client. I would recommend Tanya to anyone , knowing she is up to the task. I am very happy that she was on my side.

5 Slava via

I had a wonderful experience with Tanya Freeman and all her staff. Very professional, gets the job done, pays attention to details and actually READS all your paperwork, which is crucial in a case that drags out when the adversary starts changing lawyers and takes you to court on superfluous motions. We had uninvolved strangers in the court building and parking lot coming up to us right after our hearing to compliment her work and congratulate us on winning it. That says a lot! Also, Tanya’s empathy and emotional support went above and beyond. Divorces can be very painful. There were times I thought I couldn’t make a rational decision anymore, but she put me back together piece by piece. And not in a pushy way, but very calm and always offering a choice to make sure we proceed based on my informed decision, rather than emotions. It was like having a big sister, who’s a lawyer and a therapist at the same time. By the way, did I mention she’s great with numbers? Tanya was a financial auditor before being an attorney, and that makes a huge difference! You’ll see. Hire her! I will definitely recommend Tanya to all my friends and consult her firm in the future.

5 Adrianne via

Tanya Freeman is smart and savvy with the court system. She investigates every fact and avenue to get the best results for her clients. Tanya is able to disseminate complicated legal scenarios and relay that to her clients in layman’s terms without being condescending. She is prepared, professional and empathetic making you feel quite confident while in the court room. Regardless of the outcome of your case rest assured that she will go to the mat for you to get the most favorable verdict.

5 Maria via

Going through a divorce is not an easy matter, mentally, physically, and financially. When I called Tanya’s office for the first time, she personally took the call and explained the whole process to me, always taking into consideration my personal situation. She made me feel that I was not alone in this difficult process and always look after my son’s and my wellbeing.
Tanya’s team was also amazing! Mary Lynn (paralegal) was always on top of my case! if for any reason Tanya was in a meeting with another client, I was able to openly talk to Mary Lynn, and she had the answers for all of my questions and concerns. Finally, Julie (attorney) also worked with my case and was very knowledgable and proffesional! Tanya L. Hughes Freeman’s firm exceeded my expectations and I give them a 5 star rating for high performance.

5 Ted via

I knew right from the start that Tanya was the lawyer for me, she gave me a free consultation and did not rush me . She answered all of my questions and made me feel very comfortable about what she could do for me. I was getting divorced and my wife’s lawyer was trying to get me to sign an agreement not to contest the divorce. Tanya helped me to get all that I was entitled to and I was very pleased with all that she did for me. I had met will two other attorneys before hiring Tanya and I made the right choice in selecting her to represent me.

5 Jeffrey via

I was very pleased with the help I received from the law firm Freeman Hughes Freeman. The team work is strong and the staff very confident and knowledgable. The legal advise I received from Tanya was always right-on. She was available to me throughout the entire process and that was important to me, helpful at every turn. I could not have been more pleased with the outcome. Thanks again Tanya.

5 Noemi via

I have never reviewed anyone before but I have to write one for my lawyer Tanya because she is something special. She took on my case after she gave me a consultation, which was free, and told me what my options were. When we first met I had a good feeling about her. I mean she really took her time with me and answered all of my questions. I thought the retainer was a lot of money but she explained all that she had to do and I paid it. Well Tanya earned every penny and then some. I have been going to court with my ex husband almost every year for child support or visitation issues or any other reasons he files a motion for. Tanya was outstanding so good in court that when we left the court room, three people came out of the court to get her card. My ex was muttering to himself and arguing with his lawyer and I loved that. He even had to pay some of my legal fees. When Tanya asked me to give her a review I didn’t even think twice. She is a real people person and knows the law.

5 Marissela via

Ms. Hughes Freeman was a God send. My ex husband made it a point to make my life miserable instead of going through an amicable divorce. He sued me for alimony although he was in arrears for child support and hired a lawyer although we agreed to go forth through a lawyer free divorce. I was referred to the Freeman Hughes Freeman firm via Union Plus advantage. The moment I sat down with Ms. Tanya Freeman my gut screamed “hire her!” Ms. Freeman was very empathetic and handled the case with the utmost professionalism. She was able to waive the alimony, get an increase in my child support, among other things that were ruled in my favor. I cannot thank Ms. Hughes Freeman enough for the burden she lifted off my shoulders.!!
I highly recommend her services. Her paralegal is also awesome!! Ms. Finnerty often felt like my therapist instead of my paralegal. She is worth every penny!!!

5 Scott via

Up until meeting Tanya H. Freeman I was a nervous wreck. My purpose of utilizing Tanya’s services were for custody of my daughter. I had been to other attorney’s in the past for custody of my daughter. Wasted money and time. Tanya’s is an extremely good listener and very knowledgeable of family law. Above and beyond everything she is honest. I am a 44 year old man that was granted full custody of my daughter because of Tanya’s expertise of law. Most importantly she appreciated my daughters physical and mental state of mind for a lifetime. I strongly endorse Tanya as an attorney better yet as a person.
Best regards,

5 Marsha via

The office if Freeman Hughes Freeman has excellent lawyers. I became a client in sept of 2013 for a custody. I had Tanya has my attorney. She kept me informed, was very prepared but most of all a wonderful peoples’ person. We won our case hands down!! I also had to hire the office’s attorney Anthony, he is very pleasant, extremely prepared and responds back in a timely manner. We won our second case!! I’m a client for life and would and will recommend them to anyone looking for a wonderful firm and who will get the job done.

5 Anonymous via

Tanya is an outstanding (to say the least) lawyer!
She has been working in Family law for many years and knows the law (better than lawyers who have been practicing for 35 years!) . She will tell you exactly how it is based on your specific situation. She understands your case and is quick to think on her feet in court. Even if judges give her a hard time, she doesn’t get nervous and pushes back by using good, solid arguments. One thing I appreciated is that she is a true advocate of the NJ family law (my previous lawyer made everything really messy and made me feel like NJ family law is horrible). She brought my faith back. She fought for me and my child hard in court and ensured that we had normal lives (we won’). You know you have a good lawyer when they know the law, can think well on their feet in court, not be intimidated, are reasonable human beings, and will explain things to you well. I highly highly recommend Tanya!! She has cleaned up after my previous lawyer. And I know I will be sticking with her for good, FOR SURE!!

5 Daren via

Mrs, Freeman handled my case in a very professional manner. When asked during my consultation with her what outcomes I wanted as a result of my pending hearing she clearly explained what was and was not possible. She represented me and the outcomes discussed were attained. I was very pleased.

5 Anonymous via

Tanya has been amazing from the first day I met her. She’s very knowledgeable and professional. I’ve met with several attorneys before and knew within five minutes of meeting Tanya that I had to retain her for my case. She has a ton of experience in family law and I would definitely not hesitate to recommend her!

5 Sabura via

Tanya Freeman is a good lawyer. Mrs. Freeman displays concern for her clients and fights to make sure client receives fair and just representation. It was a pleasure working with Mrs. Freeman

5 Claude via

Ms. Tanya was nothing short of fabulous representing me in family court. I have two children who I adore and who adore me. Great right, not when your babies have a complete jerk for a mother. After we broke up she tried to hurt me through my kids like a true slime ball. I am not a deadbeat dad and I am paying over a grand a month in child support but she kept trying to keep me away from seeing the kids. Tanya was able to stop this woman dead in her tracks. No words can express how greatful I am to her for how she stood up for me. When I first met with her she promised to get me justice and that is what she got me.

5 Anonymous via

Tanya was my attorney for a visitation case that I had with my ex-husband that was in court last week. I have had two previous lawyers in this continuing saga with my ex because he is trying to use our children to stay involved in my life. I switched lawyers after he filed another motion, we have been to court at least four times over the same issues. I was disappointed in my other lawyers because they never listened to what I really wanted and while the motions my ex filed were dismissed, he just kept filing new ones. This means that I just kept spending more money and time in court. I was recommended to see Brian Freeman who had represented my sister in law for a custody case a few years back. I made an appointment with his office and actually met with Tanya because he was in court. Tanya was different than the other lawyers because it seemed like she really listened to me and actually heard what I was saying. After meeting with her I decided that I wanted her to represent me and that turned out to be the best thing that I’ve done in a while. When we went to court this time it was a different result entirely. First, my ex’s motion was denied, but Tanya had filed a response to the motion and my own my motion against him. When we went to court it was like a brand new day. My motion was granted and he had to pay my attorney fees for the first time and believe me he wasn’t happy. I am pretty sure that I won’t be seeing any more motions for a while but if I do I will have tanya by my side. I have read the other reviews but not only after my case was over and I agree with them tanya is excellent.

5 Ayanelis via

The first time I met Mrs. Freeman was when I filed my complaint for divorce. From that moment I knew that I had chosen the right attorney for my case. She kept me informed throughout the entire process and not once did I feel the need to doubt her judgement. She understood my concerns and fought for them diligently. Because of her, I have learned to compromise without losing my integrity and I will be forever grateful. I will definitely recommend Mrs. Freeman to anyone in need of an honest, compassionate and dedicated attorney.

5 Anonymous via

Tania Hughes Freeman is an excellent attorney, highly professional, competent, efficient, easy approachable and always available. When I was at my worst and had no idea what to do, Mrs. Hughes Freeman was there to reassure me and work her hardest to help me pull through. All my questions were answered fully and in a timely manner.
My sincere thanks go to her for my excellent legal representation. She made a very critical difference for the future of my daughter and I. The extra time and effort that she put forth through the whole process was greatly appreciated.
I enthusiastically recommended her to anyone in need of a family law attorney.

5 Anonymous via

I was referred to Freeman Hughes Freeman by a friend who had her own child support case taken care of by this firm and in particular, Tanya Freeman. I was in a very difficult and messy situation; I was previously denied a modification on lowering child support and was falling behind into arrears after losing my job, dealing with a bitter ex, who wanted more money, but denied me visitation to my son. Mrs. Hughes-Freeman’s savvy, attention to detail, calmness in the court, and knowledge of the court room not only kept me from being arrested, but enabled me to get a schedule to see my son. She was prepared and ready for anything the defendant’s attorney tried to say in court, and was so organized and thoughtful in her responses. For a father in Bergen county, this was a big deal, because it is well known that most of the men (fathers) in my situation have little to no chance of having verdicts in their favor. Mrs. Hughes- Freeman took control of my case and walked me through every step of the process, so I knew what was coming before it happened. I did not like involving lawyers in my life, until Mrs. Hughes-Freeman showed me what a good lawyer could do and I finally played with my son this weekend for the first time in 3 months. We still have more court dates remaining, but as we move forward, I am fully confident in her dedication to my case and what is in the best interest for my son. Any legal issues I may have in the future, Freeman Hughes Freeman is now my family firm.

5 Ceasar via

Ms. Tanya got my attention when I had my consultation with her for a custody case in the Union county courthouse. I was not only impressed by her knowledge but how hard she worked on my case. I literally met with her several times to prepare for my hearing date and we put in a whole lot of time putting the paperwork together until it was perfect.
When we finally went to court for the hearing she was unrelenting in her arguments before the judge and very aggressive in challenging the other lawyer when he was stating incorrect facts and allegations against me. She was clearly more convincing to the judge because she ruled in my favor and that has changed my life. Having real involvement in my kids life means everything to me and before Ms. Freeman became my lawyer I was just at the whim of whatever the kid’s mother said. I saw them when she said I could, where she said and for how long she said. Believe me that is no way to be a dad. I felt like I was just a big wallet and nothing more. All that is now in the past because I have a court order that really protects me took the control away from the mother.

5 Roland via

I was going through a very bitter divorce and my wife was attempting to take my two children from me and leave the country. I thought for sure I was going to lose them. Another attorney had told me I wouldn’t be able to keep my children and I was losing hope. Tanya fought for my right to keep my two children who wanted to stay with me. I am so grateful for her persistence and diligence in representing me.

5 Randy via

From the first time i spoke with Tanya when she gave me a free consultation, she made me feel comfortable about my case because of her overall knowledge and professionalism and down to earth personality. she always remained honest and upfront about everything and never gave me false hopes and promises. she stayed true to her word on everything she did for me and remained in constant communication when i needed her. her office and staff were also there to back her up and the whole experience was worth every dollar i spent. i would recommend anyone with a family case to hire this woman because she is well worth it. anything having to do with family law and she will be the first person i call.

5 Jackie via

My choice for a lawyer is Tanya, she was absolutely fantastic handling my custody case. I very highly recommend her because takes time to really listen to you and fights the case like she is you. She was very aggressive and spoke like an expert when she talked to the judge and the other lawyer. Best of all she won my motion.

5 Anonymous via

The Freeman law office has been my lawyers for a few years and for my most recent case I had Ms. freeman to represent me for my motion to reduce my child support. She has only been a lawyer for like two months but it was like she knew everything about my case and the law. i can truly say I was overwhelmed by just how good she was in court. I admit that at first I wanted her husband to go to court with me because he has so much experience but she apparently learned well because she was on top of her game. I was very very pleased with the way she handled herself and I would let her represent me anytime in any court. She is great.

5 Ted Foster via

My wife and I were married for more than 23 years and she left me for another man. She wanted me to pay alimony, child support, full college tuition for our daughter and keep the house that I bought. I shopped around and found finally met Tanya. she is young and hasn’t been around more than a couple of years but after our consultation and despite the heavy retainer she required I decided that she was the one to represent me. Well that turned out to be the best decision I have made in the last ten years and while my now ex-wife got more than she deserved it was no where near what she was asking from me. I feel that I truly got my life back with my dignity and self worth. I have moved on to a better relationship with a woman who I truly love and kept my relationship with both of my kids. Tanya represented me like we were family, I was involved and advised as to every step in the process from the beginning to the end. I was always able to reach her to discuss any issues or concerns and her staff was helpful and polite whenever I called her office. I will always recommend Tanya to anyone I know who needs a divorce lawyer.
From the bottom of my heart I thank you Tanya.

5 Xiomara via

She’s the only person I want handling my legal affairs present and future because she can be trusted. I found her just in time and she litterally saved me!! Because of her I have peace of mind.. I am eternally grateful for her and her professional fury to defend me. Id hire her a million times and give my highest recommendations.

5 Ozzy Vera via

5 Brian Freeman via

5 Rodney Jones via

5 Brandy Wright via

5 Loraine via

5 Raul via

5 James F Ortiz via

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