5 Commonly Asked Divorce Questions

5 Commonly Asked Divorce Questions

1) How Much A Divorce Cost?

  • The answer will be based on how much time is actually spent on your case. This will vary depending on whether the case is resolved through mediation vs a trial.

Clients often come to me as a New Jersey Divorce Attorney and ask many divorce questions. Please read these 5 commonly asked divorce questions, then call our office today for a free confidential consultation.

2) How long does the divorce process take?

  • The length of time for a divorce proceeding can vary based much time the parties spend exchanging financial and other information necessary to resolve the issues in the case.
  • The length of time may also be impacted by the parties’ decision to attend mediation.

3) Which county should I file for divorce in?

  • Generally, your divorce is filed in the county in which your cause of action arose, or the county that you presently reside in.

4) What are my next steps after filing for divorce?

  • After filing for divorce, depending on the circumstances in your case, you may need to begin gathering your financial records to complete a process known as discovery.
  • You may also begin to engage in different forms of mediation to resolve custody and parenting time issues and ultimately economic mediation to resolve the financial components, if any, to your case.

5) I was served with divorce papers, now what?

  • If a process server or sheriff came has served you with a divorce complaint, you will have 35 days to file a response. Your response may be in the form of an Answer, an Answer and Counterclaim or a Notice of Appearance. Your response will vary depending on whether you are seeking relief from the court or if you are contesting the matter.
  • Failure to respond in this allotted timeframe may result in a default judgment being entered against you.
  • An Answer is a legal document in which you respond to the allegations in the complaint for divorce. You may also wish to file a counterclaim which will contain specific relief you are requesting in the divorce.

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