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Serving Bergen County, Essex County, Hudson County, Middlesex County, Monmouth County, Morris County, Somerset County and Union County.

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    New Jersey Complex Divorce Lawyers

    Serving Bergen County, Essex County, Hudson County, Middlesex County, Monmouth County, Morris County, Somerset County and Union County

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      Tanya L. Freeman, Attorney at Law

      Tanya Freeman

      Managing Partner of the Family Law Practice at Callagy Law

      More than an accomplished divorce and family law attorney, Tanya L. Freeman, is a consummate professional with a wealth of corporate and life experience.

      Known as a leader and strategist, Tanya L. Freeman was appointed by the Governor of New Jersey as Chair of the Board of Directors of the University Hospital in Newark, New Jersey. Tanya L. Freeman also presents among the ranks of public speakers. She captivates and inspires professional groups nationwide. "Tanya has the eloquence and oratory brilliance with the ability to forge deep connections with her listeners."


      What Our Clients Say

      Mrs. Freeman fights hard for her clients and does everything in her power to make sure you get what you want.

      She makes what could be a nightmare easier than imaginable.

      Joel W. / Client

      Tanya is a great and very experienced attorney. She is always three steps ahead of the game.

      I can’t imagine dealing with difficult family law proceedings without her!

      Jonathan S. / Client

      One of the best lawyers around.

      She always fights hard for her clients and never gives up. Mrs. Freeman has the knowledge of a lawyer who has been practicing for decades. She is the cream of the crop!

      Nicole J. / Client

      This was my second time retaining Miss Freeman for a family court case and she again showed me that my confidence in her was well placed. I reviewed her after my first case when she was still with her husband’s office and now I say again she is fantastic.

      Rakesh D. / Client

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      10 Best Tanya Freeman

      American Institute of Family Law (10 Best Client Satisfaction; Top10 Under 40) “To be named an attorney must be formally nominated by the board, client, and/or fellow Attorney; have attained the highest degree of professional achievement in his or her field of law; and having done so with an impeccable Client Satisfaction rating. Visit aiofla.org to learn more.

      9 Mistakes That Can Derail Your Success - A New Jersey Divorce Guide

      9 Mistakes That Can Derail Your Success - A New Jersey Divorce Guide

      Learn what you should and shouldn’t be doing for your child custody concern. Download our free guide.

      New Jersey Complex Divorce Lawyers

      Lives become enmeshed throughout marriage. You accumulate assets. You may have children. Your professional career evolves. During a divorce, you need help to determine what is a fair and reasonable split as you chart your new path forward.

      When you and your spouse cannot agree on major issues like distribution of assets, alimony, or child custody, divorce becomes complex. If you’re a business owner or high net worth individual, divorce can be especially complicated due to the amount and type of shared assets. At the Law Office of Tanya L. Freeman, our experienced team is ready to take on any challenge. 

      With complex divorces, Tanya L. Freeman can help you navigate: 

      Business and financial disputes.

      Child custody disputes, including out-of-state or overseas child relocation.

      Domestic abuse and substance abuse claims.

      Challenges to prenuptial agreements.

      In a complex divorce case, representation by Tanya L. Freeman is straightforward. Our experienced team will work tirelessly through the details so that your future is protected and you can focus on moving forward.

      High Net Worth Divorces

      High-net-worth divorces involve one or both spouses having a high net worth, either individually or jointly. It can be tough to establish an equitable division of the marital estate when it is sizable or comprises any of the complicated assets listed below:

      Business Valuations

      If you possess business assets and your divorce is not exactly amicable, it is best to brace yourself for a longer resolution process in New Jersey instead of a divorce that does not involve any business assets. If one spouse owns and operates a business, the business will almost certainly require a formal valuation and report. Forensic accountants and actuarial specialists are hired individually or jointly to evaluate the business’s fair market value.

      When determining the value of a business, a comprehensive evaluation is often performed. This entails analyzing various aspects such as the company’s physical location, financial records, bookkeeping entries, general ledger summaries, payroll logs, outstanding payments from clients, equipment and machinery, stockpiled inventory, real estate holdings, customer databases, partnership stakes, the overall enterprise, and any intangible assets or goodwill. This meticulous process provides a clear understanding of the company’s worth and helps to ensure a fair and accurate valuation. Furthermore, if you held the business before the marriage, it must be decided whether it is a marital asset. If so, we must determine your spouse’s stake in the company.

      We can work with you and your spouse to develop an agreement that suits your needs, whether you choose to sell the business or continue running it after the divorce. We can help you explore options like a buy-out, sale, annuitized settlement, or other form of distribution.

      Real Estate

      Real estate is frequently one of the most valuable assets in a marital estate. Whether you own a marital home, a vacation house, commercial property, or investment property, you must establish what percentage of the property is subject to equitable distribution and what piece, if any, is exempt from asset division. When dividing assets during a divorce, we must consider several crucial factors. These include the date of marriage, date of purchase, down payment amount, and payment source. It is also important to note that if you acquired the property or payment through inheritance, gift, or bequest, it may impact your percentage share interest in the real estate. 

      Once your real estate assets have been properly identified, you must determine whether to keep or sell them. After you decide what to do with the property, our NJ divorce lawyer will work with you to devise a creative method to keep your stake in the assets. Before the settlement is finalized, the property may need to be valued through comparative market evaluations and appraisals. If a valuation or decision on the disposition of the property cannot be reached, the courts must step in.

      Stock Options

      If you get stock options as part of your salary, you realize the intricacies of allocating these assets in a divorce case. Our team will carefully examine your stock options to determine which assets can be divided equitably. We will thoroughly review the award date and vesting schedule to make an accurate and fair assessment. We may include a constructive trust in your settlement agreement to ensure that any tax implications are properly addressed. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive and reliable analysis that will assist you in making informed decisions regarding your stock options. It can protect your pre-distribution interests and rights while protecting all post-judgment choices.

      Retirement Funds

      Suppose you possessed retirement assets before or during your marriage, such as a 401k, 403B, or IRA. In that case, it is imperative to note that they may be divided equitably during the divorce process. It is a common misconception that if the account is in your name, your spouse is not entitled to a portion of it. However, in most cases in New Jersey, this is not accurate. The value of your retirement account from the wedding date to the date of the divorce complaint will usually be subject to a fair split. This rule applies to pensions, deferred compensation plans, SEPs, and SERPs. While these assets may not be physically divided at the time of the divorce judgment, we work with professionals to establish domestic relations orders. These orders will ensure you receive your fair share and benefit later.

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      Complex Divorce Factors

      Other elements that contribute to complicated divorce circumstances include:

      Child Relocation Out-of-State

      Legal complications may arise if one parent wishes to move to a different state with their child. The parent moving may need court approval, and the other parent may object, resulting in a custody dispute.

      Jurisdictional Disputes

      Determining the proper jurisdiction for the divorce procedures might be difficult if the couple resides in separate states. Conflicts about which state’s laws should be used and the location of the divorce may occur as a result.

      Parental Alienation

      Parental alienation happens when a single parent tries to turn the child against another. It might complicate custody and visitation agreements and cause the child great mental pain.

      Tax Issues

      Divorce may have a significant impact on taxes, especially when there is a high net worth involved. However, determining the tax repercussions of asset and property divisions, alimony, and child support can make divorce difficult.

      Overseas Relocation

      If one parent wants to go abroad with the child, this may give rise to complicated legal problems. For example, the parent moving may need court approval, and the other parent may object, resulting in a custody dispute.

      Domestic Abuse

      Divorce cases involving domestic abuse can get complicated, especially if children are involved. In addition, adjusting custody and visiting schedules to meet safety issues may be necessary.

      Substance Abuse

      Abuse of drugs or alcohol can make divorce procedures more difficult, especially if it compromises the well-being and safety of the children. In addition, treatment for the addicted parent may be required, and custody and visiting schedules may need to be adjusted.

      Enforcement of Prenuptial Agreements

      Because prenuptial agreements must adhere to particular legal standards, their enforcement can be complicated. There may be severe legal repercussions if one party challenges the prenuptial agreement.

      Avoiding Common Mistakes 

      Facing a complex divorce in New Jersey can be overwhelming, but with the right guidance, you can navigate this challenging process successfully. At Tanya L. Freeman, Attorney at Law, we understand the unique challenges that come with complex divorces in the Garden State. Here are some common mistakes people make during complex divorce cases and how we can help you avoid them.

      Failing to Understand Your Rights and Options

      One of the most significant mistakes individuals make in complex divorce cases is not fully understanding their rights and the various legal options available. New Jersey divorce laws can be intricate, and overlooking key aspects can lead to unfavorable outcomes. Our team at Tanya L. Freeman, Attorney at Law, will provide you with comprehensive information about your rights and the different paths you can take during your complex divorce. We empower you with knowledge to make informed decisions.

      Not Seeking Professional Guidance

      In complex divorce cases, the importance of having an experienced attorney by your side cannot be overstated. Attempting to handle a complex divorce on your own may result in costly errors and an inequitable settlement. Tanya L. Freeman, Attorney at Law, focuses on complex divorce cases in New Jersey and can provide the guidance and representation you need. Our legal team will work diligently to protect your interests and advocate for the best possible outcome.

      Financial Considerations

      Financial aspects are often at the heart of complex divorce cases. Failing to properly assess and address financial matters can lead to long-term financial strain. Our experienced New Jersey complex divorce lawyers will ensure that all assets and debts are properly evaluated and that equitable distribution is pursued. We will help you navigate alimony, child support, and other financial matters to secure your financial future.

      Letting Emotions Dictate Decisions

      Divorce can be an emotional process, but allowing emotions to dictate decisions can be detrimental. Decisions made in the heat of the moment may not be in your best interest in the long run. At Tanya L. Freeman, Attorney at Law, we offer a calm and rational perspective during this emotional time. We guide you through the process, helping you make decisions that are in your best interest and those of your family.

      Failing to Plan for Co-Parenting

      If you have children, co-parenting arrangements are a critical aspect of your complex divorce. Neglecting to create a clear and workable parenting plan can result in ongoing disputes and stress for your children. Our legal team can assist you in developing a comprehensive parenting plan that promotes your children’s well-being and maintains a healthy co-parenting relationship.

      How Tanya L. Freeman, Attorney at Law Can Help

      If you’re facing a complex divorce in New Jersey, Tanya L. Freeman, Attorney at Law, is your trusted partner. Our dedicated team of New Jersey complex divorce lawyers has the experience and knowledge to guide you through this challenging time. We will work closely with you to protect your rights, provide legal advice, and help you avoid the common mistakes that can impact your divorce outcome.

      Contact us today for a confidential consultation and discover how we can provide the support and guidance you need to navigate your complex divorce successfully. Your future and the well-being of your family are our top priorities.

      Frequently Asked Questions 

      At Tanya L. Freeman, Attorney at Law, we understand that facing a complex divorce in New Jersey can raise many questions and uncertainties. To provide you with clarity and guidance, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions along with their answers to help you navigate this challenging process.

      A complex divorce typically involves intricate financial assets, high-conflict custody matters, or significant disagreements over property division. Complex divorces may also include cases with business ownership, multiple properties, substantial debts, or other challenging legal issues.

      The duration of a complex divorce can vary significantly depending on the specific circumstances of the case. On average, complex divorces take longer to resolve than simple ones, often ranging from several months to a few years. Your attorney can provide a more accurate estimate based on your unique situation.

      Yes, child custody arrangements can be modified after the divorce is finalized, but certain legal requirements must be met. You’ll need to demonstrate a substantial change in circumstances that justifies the modification. Consulting with an attorney is crucial in these cases to ensure that the court’s approval is obtained.

      In New Jersey, marital property is divided equitably, but not necessarily equally. The court considers various factors, including each spouse’s contribution, the duration of the marriage, and the financial situation of each party. In complex divorce cases, this division can be particularly intricate and may require experts to evaluate assets.

      While you have the right to represent yourself in court, complex divorce cases often involve multiple legal intricacies and substantial financial stakes. Having an experienced attorney is advisable to ensure that your rights are protected, and the best possible outcome is achieved. Attempting to navigate a complex divorce alone can lead to costly mistakes.

      Mediation can be a valuable tool in resolving complex divorce matters, especially when both parties are willing to cooperate. However, it may not be suitable for all situations, such as high-conflict cases or those involving hidden assets. An attorney can help you determine whether mediation is a viable option for your specific case.

      In complex divorces, alternatives to traditional litigation include collaborative divorce and arbitration. Collaborative divorce involves both parties and their attorneys working together to reach an agreement, while arbitration allows an independent third party to make binding decisions. These alternatives can often be more efficient and less adversarial than litigation.

      Tanya L. Freeman, Attorney at Law, focuses on complex divorce cases in New Jersey. We provide legal advice, personalized guidance, and dedicated representation to protect your rights and achieve the best possible outcome. Our experienced team will help you navigate the complexities of your divorce with confidence and peace of mind.

      New Jersey Complex Divorce Client Story

      This client story is for educational purposes only.

      Meet Chris, a hardworking father and a dedicated small business owner from New Jersey. When Chris and his wife Maria faced the daunting prospect of a complex divorce, they were not prepared for the emotional and legal challenges that lay ahead. As they grappled with the heartbreaking decision, the wellbeing of their cherished children and the future of their small business loomed uncertain.

      Amidst the turmoil, Chris sought the guidance of Tanya L. Freeman, Attorney at Law, a beacon of hope in his darkest hour. From their very first meeting, Tanya’s compassionate approach and extensive legal knowledge put Chris at ease. With a calming presence and a deep understanding of the complexities involved, Tanya was more than a lawyer — she was a trusted ally, guiding him through the intricate maze of New Jersey’s divorce laws.

      As the proceedings unfolded, Tanya’s unwavering support and strategic counsel became the pillar on which Chris relied. With the small business intricately woven into their marriage, the division of assets seemed an insurmountable task. Yet, Tanya’s negotiation experience and meticulous attention to detail helped secure a fair resolution, ensuring the continued success of Chris’s beloved enterprise.

      However, it was the sensitivity and dedication that Tanya exhibited in matters concerning their children that truly resonated with Chris. Navigating the complexities of child custody and co-parenting arrangements, Tanya prioritized the wellbeing of Chris’s children above all else. Her unwavering commitment to ensuring a stable and nurturing environment for the children reassured Chris that their best interests were at the forefront of every decision.

      Through the arduous journey of untangling the intricate threads of their shared life, Tanya Freeman remained a steadfast advocate for Chris, providing not just legal experience but a compassionate understanding of the emotional toll a complex divorce can exact. With Tanya’s guidance, Chris emerged from the tumultuous process with a sense of closure and a newfound optimism for the future.

      If you find yourself at a crossroads, facing the complexities of a divorce, know that you are not alone. Tanya L. Freeman, Attorney at Law, is here to offer the compassionate guidance and unwavering support you need to navigate this challenging chapter in your life. Your wellbeing and the security of your future are our top priorities.

      Take the first step toward a brighter tomorrow. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover how we can help you navigate your complex divorce with confidence and peace of mind.

      Resolving High Conflict Divorces in New Jersey

      High-conflict disputed divorce is another difficult divorce where entrenched viewpoints and antagonism thwart a fast and fair conclusion in everyone’s best interests. When politeness and respect provide the most valuable and practical results, it is regrettable that child custody issues are sometimes the most challenging and emotional components of a divorce. 

      Unfortunately, for some people, “winning” the divorce at the cost of the other spouse becomes the purpose of the process, which results in methods like never making concessions, lying, and using a “scorched earth” strategy to win over disagreements over child custody, spousal support, and property distribution. Although we do not influence the other party’s behavior, we can advise you on handling a high-conflict divorce while upholding your legal rights, best interests, and mental health.

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      Trusted Complex Divorce Attorneys in New Jersey

      Navigating a complicated divorce requires a diverse range of skills, and our team of experienced legal professionals at Tanya L. Freeman, Attorney at Law, have a thorough understanding of strategy, business and investment knowledge, and the significance of personal branding for your career. Our attorneys can handle complex issues related to your children, personal brand, cryptocurrency, or financial matters. We highly recommend scheduling a consultation with our team to ensure that your rights, children, assets, and future are safeguarded.

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      Mrs. Freeman fights hard for her clients and does everything in her power to make sure you get what you want. She makes what could be a nightmare easier than imaginable.

      Joel W.

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      Divorce and family disputes can be frustrating and emotional. It’s a time when you need experienced legal representation to help you move forward. Tanya L. Freeman serves as a powerful advocate for clients in the following counties in New Jersey.

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