Will I Need To Go To Court For My Divorce

Will I Need to Go to Court for My Divorce?

Attorney Tanya L. Freeman Discusses Going to Court for a Divorce

A lot of my clients ask am I going to trial? Ninety-eight percent, this is a statewide statistic not a statistic just for me, but 98% of people in the state of New Jersey settle their case. Why? Trials are long and take time and energy. Trials also cost a lot of legal dollars. Does that mean you should be afraid to go to trial? No, but know that 98% of all people statewide settle their case. Why do people settle? People settle because you, are the master of your fate. You and your spouse are deciding what to do with your assets, how to raise your children post-divorce, rather than leaving that decision to a judge. Typically, it is a family’s best interest to reach an agreement rather than letting a judge call the shots.

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