What To Expect After Filing For Divorce

Are you considering divorce and have questions about what to expect after filing for divorce? Call our New Jersey attorney to get started now.

1) Steps of the Divorce Process

  • What To Expect After Filing For DivorceNavigating your divorce may seem like a daunting task.
  • There are multiple dates that the court may schedule where you are asked to come to court for various aspects of your case.
  • Understanding what to expect at each court appearance can put your mind at ease.

2) Moving Forward and Filing for Divorce

  • After filing for divorce, depending on the circumstances in your case, you may need to begin gathering your financial records to complete a process known as discovery.
  • You may also begin to engage in different forms of mediation to resolve custody and parenting time issues and ultimately economic mediation to resolve the financial components, if any, to your case.

3) What to Bring to a Consultation with an Attorney

  • Helpful items you may want to bring include salary information, as well as general details regarding your assets and liabilities.

Are you going to meet an attorney for divorce and want to know what to expect after filing for divorce?  Contact our experienced New Jersey Divorce Lawyer  to help guide you through this difficult process and schedule your initial free consultation.

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