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What Happens After Filing Of Divorce?

What Happens After Filing Divorce? Divorce is a long journey, and every step brings with it its own unique challenges. First, an individual has to decide to seek a divorce—a daunting choice to have to make. Then, an attorney must be hired, the spouse must be notified, and papers must be drafted, and all these factors […]

Essex Family Law Attorney Discusses Who Is Going To Pay For Alimony

Essex Family Law Attorney Discusses Who is Going to Pay for Alimony Who Pays for Alimony? As a Essex Family Law Attorney, I often get questions from clients about the compensation of alimony. Who pays alimony? That’s a hot-button topic. You’re typically going to see alimony in a case where one spouse was the financially […]

Types of Child Custody Arrangements

Types of Child Custody Arrangements What Types of Child Custody Arrangements are Available? As an Essex County Family Law Attorney, I get questions all the time from clients about the different types of child custody. Custody is one of the most important issues in the case. I really do divide my cases involving children into two […]

Traveling With The Children Abroad

Traveling with the Children Abroad Do you have a child custody plan and want to do some traveling in the near future ? Check out this video by experienced New Jersey attorney Tanya Freeman on traveling with the children abroad Download Our Free Child Custody and Support Guide International travel can be addressed in a […]

Fate Of The Marital House

Fate of the Marital House As a New Jersey Divorce Attorney, I am often asked by clients about the fate of the marital house as a result of divorce. Call our office to schedule a free consultation. Download Our Free Divorce Guide Many factors can impact the fate of the marital home during a divorce. […]

Relocating To Other State

Relocating to Another State Do you have questions about relocating to another state with your children? Watch this video for guidance, then call our New Jersey lawyer.   Relocating outside the jurisdiction with minor children is among the most difficult challenges a parent may face. The court considers many factors in response to a parent’s […]

Child Custody In New Jersey

Child Custody in New Jersey The process of determining child custody is complicated, and in more acrimonious divorces, custody can serve as a wedge issue. In most cases, both parents want the children to live with them as much as possible. An even split, however, is rarely achievable, and parents must seek a compromise rather […]

10 Things a Single Parent Wants You To Know

10 Things a Single Parent Wants You to Know Raising kids is hard enough with two parents in the equation, so how do people do it with only one? We’ve asked single parents how they parent alone effectively, and what they need you to know the most. In cases where a large disparity exists between […]

Morris County’s Top Family Law Lawyers 2018

Morris County’s Top Family Law Lawyers 2018 by Morris/Essex Health & Life Magazine Attorney Tanya Freeman has been selected as one of Morris County’s top family law lawyers 2018 by Morris/Essex Health & Life magazine in their summer 2018 issue.  To help residents find the best attorneys in Morris County across 30 specialties, Morris/Essex Health & Life contracted DataJoe […]

Mediation vs Litigation

Mediation vs Litigation Do you want to know the benefits of mediation vs litigation? If you go to trial, a judge will decide what’s best. That means a judge could be deciding what’s best for your children – and you’d have to abide by that decision. No one knows your children better than you and […]