Hudson County Divorce Attorney Discusses Being Served Papers

What Should I Do if I was Served with a Divorce Summons?

As a Hudson County Divorce Attorney, I get questions all the time from clients about the next steps after you been served your divorce papers. You’ve been served with a divorce complaint and you want to know what happens next. If you were personally served meaning a process server or a sheriff’s officer came to your home and served you with the divorce complaint, you have 35 calendar days to file what’s called an answer to that complaint. This 35-day period can be enlarged meaning that you could ask the court for additional time, but you should really use this time to select an attorney. Your spouse has an attorney and you should find the attorney who’s going to work with you through the process. Take a hard look at your spouse’s divorce complaint. What is he or she asking for? Then think through what you want to counter, the things that you will discuss with your attorney in your initial consultation. It’s very important that you move quickly and select the person who’s going to be on your team and guide you through the process.

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Being served divorce papers can be a confusing time for you. Contact our Hudson County Divorce Attorney for advice.

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