Essex County Divorce Attorney Examines What Happens To The Contents Of Your Home

Essex County Divorce Attorney Examines What Happens to the Contents of Your Home

What Happens to the Items in My House After a Divorce?

In many cases, clients often ask me as a Essex County Divorce Attorney, “What’s going to happen to the contents of my home after the divorce is finalized?” This is a decision I think each litigant should make for themselves. There’s no right or wrong answer and no cookie cutter response. You and your soon-to-be former spouse know exactly what’s in your house. Spending legal dollars on dividing the china, crystal, and linens is definitely not the best use of your resources. You could approach this issue by simply having the wife take pink Post-It notes and the husband take blue Post-It notes, and just marking up what each will keep.

 Obviously, if some pieces of artwork, or certain family heirlooms, or special gifts are more important to one spouse than the other, you may need to involve your attorneys in resolving disputed items. By and large, however, you’re better served to divide the contents of your home yourself without involving your counsel.

Are you worried about what will happen to the contents of your home during divorce?  Contact Essex County Divorce Attorney Tanya L. Freeman for help.

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