Helping Children Through Divorce

Helping Children Through DivorceHelping children through divorce is not a simple task, but it can be done. An experienced family law attorney can discuss options that will help ease your children through the divorce process, which will in turn make it easier for all parties involved. Contact our office today to schedule a free consultation with our New Jersey divorce lawyers.

Helping Children Through Divorce | Child Care Expenses

If both parents are working outside the home, you’ll need to consider work-related childcare expenses in any child support calculations. Daycare, for example, costs a weekly set amount. Older children requiring care before or after school, or summer camp expenses, are slightly more complicated, but not hard to factor into a settlement with the help of an attorney.

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Helping Children Through Divorce | Modifying a Child Support Arrangement

So much can change in a child’s life and in your own circumstances that could make you want to modify a child support agreement. The most common reason clients seek to modify a child support agreement is the loss of a job. However, this circumstance alone doesn’t mean that a judge will relieve you of your child support obligations. As a parent in New Jersey, you are required to support your child all the way through to emancipation. The considerations that would go into modifying a child support agreement are fact-based and case specific. If you’re wondering about the possibility of modifying a child support obligation, you should contact a divorce attorney.

Helping Children Through Divorce | Traveling Abroad

When one parent decides to take children on a trip abroad after a divorce, this often leads to conflict, stress, and re-litigation. It’s best to anticipate this issue and come to an agreement in mediation. Can you anticipate reasons for the children traveling abroad – like family members in other countries? Is there a fear that one parent might flee the court’s jurisdiction with the children? If you feel this way, you should notify your attorney at the start of the divorce process, so your attorney can inform the judge at the proper time. Consider, too, that both parents have to agree before children can obtain passports. If your children don’t already have passports and you anticipate wanting to travel abroad, make sure you broach the subject in mediation, and try to avoid re-litigation.

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