Will My Divorce Case Go To Trial?

Will My Divorce Case Go to Trial?

One of the most common questions we receive from clients is, “Will my divorce case go to trial?” Most divorces can be settled amicably, yet some remain contentious throughout the entire process. If you have questions about your divorce case going to trial, please contact our office right away and we will sort out any issues.

Will My Divorce Case Go to Trial? | Divorce Court

It’s totally understandable that you might want to keep your divorce out of the court. A trial means more time, money, and energy spent. In New Jersey, 98% of divorces settle out of court. This doesn’t mean that you should be afraid to go to court, but you should understand the benefits of settling – beyond the time, money, and energy saved. If you come to an agreement outside of the court, you have a greater say in the outcome: you and your spouse decide together how to divide your assets and how to provide for your children.

Will My Divorce Case Go to Trial? | Mediation

Every court in the state of New Jersey has a mediation program, offering you and your spouse a chance to sit down with a competent mediator to see if you can come to an agreement about the division of assets, alimony, child support, and child custody. Child custody is, of course, extremely important, and mediation is an especially good opportunity to resolve these issues. No one knows your children better than you and your spouse. Keep an open mind through the mediation process, remembering that your children’s needs and interests will evolve as they grow older.

If you are starting the divorce process, or have questions about what to expect, contact New Jersey Divorce Attorney Tanya L. Freeman for guidance.

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