What To Bring To a Divorce Consultation

What To Bring To A Divorce Consultation

Are you meeting with a divorce attorney and wondering what to bring with you?

As a New Jersey Divorce Lawyer, clients often ask me what they should bring to a divorce consultation.

When you make an initial appointment to meet with an attorney, it’s important that you gather the proper documents to bring along with you to that initial consultation so that you get the most value out of that time with that attorney. So important things that I ask people to bring along: tax returns. Bring me two or three years worth of taxes. If we’re going to talk about alimony or support, or equitable distribution, it’s so important to look at the family’s taxes.

Bring along paystubs. Maybe some idea of the family budget. What expenses are you really spending, you know, to maintain the household, to take care of the children? What are the expenses in the household? And then any information you have about the family’s debt. Credit card statements, long-term debt, student loans, those sorts of things are important to bring along with you on the consultation.

Are you wondering what you should bring to a divorce consultation?  Contact New Jersey Divorce Lawyer Tanya L. Freeman to guide you.

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