Things that Make Divorce Harder

Things That Make Divorce Harder

If you are seeking advice about how to remedy the things that make divorce harder for everyone involved, our caring New Jersey divorce attorney Tanya Freeman may be the best choice for you. Here are some factors that play in to how tough a divorce can get.

Things That Make Divorce Harder | Adultery

I get questions all the time from clients about whether or not they should mention the other spouse’s infidelity. Maybe there was infidelity in your marriage and so the question always comes, “How much do I want to carry on my journey?” The journey’s pretty long and the more baggage you carry the slower you are going to move in the process. In New Jersey, generally speaking there isn’t a lot of legal implication in your spouse having an affair. Yes, it can come up in the context of custody. Yes, in certain circumstances it can come up in terms of equitable distribution. By and large, the reason that you’re coming along on this journey is not as important as the end result. Focusing on some of the hurt feelings and some of the mistakes that you’ve made along the way or your spouse has made along the way isn’t going to change the process and it certainly isn’t going to help you move forward. In most instances, I caution my clients in bringing it up at all.

Things That Make Divorce Harder | Social Media

I often get questions from clients regarding the use of social media during a divorce. Social media and divorce can be a very tricky subject. Social media is not the place to litigate your case. It’s not the place to air out your frustration with the process, your frustration perhaps with your spouse’s attorney, or even the judge for that matter. I caution my clients if you have social media, keep what you have. No one is saying delete it or take down your page, but certainly don’t post things pertaining to the litigation. Typically, I get the response, “This is America and I have a 1st Amendment right to say what I want to say.” Maybe, but if you’re involved in a high profile case let’s say, a judge might say, “Hey I don’t want anything regarding the litigation posted on social media.” These are all important considerations, but also if there are children involved in the case. Young children now have access to so much on the Internet whether it’s on their iPad or their cell phones. Do you want your children to read about your divorce on social media or their friend’s parents? Be careful what you post is what I say.

Things That Make Divorce Harder | Dividing Friends

I get questions all the time from clients about dividing friends after divorce. Now that we’ve embarked on this journey of a divorce, are we really going to divide our friends? Legally you don’t have to, but does it happen as a matter of practicality in a divorce? Yes, you had couple friends, you had girlfriends, the husband had guy friends, and friends oftentimes will polarize. They will say, “Oh, gosh. I can’t believe she’s leaving you,” or “I can’t believe you’re leaving him.” Know that as you move through your journey that you may lose or you may even gain some friends in the process. You can’t be shocked. You can say, “Well, that’s going to change my settlement position,” or “That’s going to change how I move about through this journey.” Know that these things can come up and when they do you need to be prepared on how you’re going to move forward. Please call our supportive New Jersey divorce attorney Tanya Freeman today for a free consultation.

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