Seeking Mediation for Issues of Child Custody

Seeking Mediation for Issues of Child CustodyDivorces with children involved can be very stressful for both sides. While litigation is certainly an option, our New Jersey family law attorneys recommend seeking mediation for issues of child custody. This way, negotiations can become more mutually amicable and tensions can be reduced. If you are considering divorce, please contact our Tanya L. Freeman, Attorney At Law to schedule a free consultation with our experienced Jersey City child custody lawyers.

Seeking Mediation for Issues of Child Custody | Mediation vs. Litigation

If you go to trial, a judge will decide what’s best. That means a judge could be deciding what’s best for your children – and you’d have to abide by that decision. No one knows your children better than you and your spouse do. That means the question of child custody is often best suited to mediation. Can you and your spouse work together, with your attorneys, toward decisions that put your children’s interests first? How will you handle holidays, birthdays, and other milestones? Where will they go to school and where will they live?

Seeking Mediation for Issues of Child Custody | What to Consider

When negotiating child custody, you need to think far into the future and be sure to bring up every concern. With your spouse, you should discuss:

  • Your schedules and availability.
  • Your expectations for the child’s religious upbringing and education.
  • Your ideas for dividing weekends, holidays, and summers.
  • Depending on your situation, you may also want to discuss any plans to move out of the area or out of state.

Be prepared to give and take, but don’t think of this as bargaining or bartering (between the two of you). Instead, think of it as planning together toward a common goal: the upbringing of your children after the divorce.

Seeking Mediation for Issues of Child Custody | Going to Trial

In some situations – for example, where domestic abuse is involved – mediation may not be the best course. In any case, you want an attorney you can trust to help guide you – and your children – through the process of deciding child custody.

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