Prepare for Divorce With These 5 Tips

Prepare for Divorce With These 5 Tips

The lead-up to a divorce is stressful. The process itself can be overwhelming. And the immediate aftermath will take some time to get adjusted to. Long story short: divorce isn’t fun for anyone. You want to get it over with as soon as possible, and you also want to make sure the results turn out in your favor. However, it’s important to understand that divorce is a compromise. It will never be “perfect.” To help get the favorable outcome you want, prepare for divorce with these 5 tips.

1) Don’t Believe Everything You Hear

Before a divorce, you may want to seek advice from family members or friends who have gone through the same thing. But every divorce is different. Your friend might’ve lost the house and custody of the kids, but that doesn’t mean you will. The best person to seek advice from is an experienced attorney who will guide you through the entire process.

2) Be Honest

Obviously, no one wants to lose their possessions in a divorce. Furthermore, people don’t even want to divide their assets. It’s the often the most contentious aspect of the entire proceeding. However, you have nothing to gain by lying to your attorney or spouse. Doing so will make the entire process much more difficult. Be honest about your assets, expenses, and debts. You will reach a more favorable settlement this way.

3) Don’t Be Unreasonable

You probably want your divorce proceedings to be over with as soon as possible. Making unreasonable demands will draw out the entire process. You’re probably not going to get the house, the cars, the kids, and 100% of your spouse’s money. Divorce is a compromise. It’s not a case that’s meant to be “won.”

4) Keep the Best Interests of Your Children in Mind

Divorce is hard for the spouses, but it’s even harder for the children. You don’t want to make things ugly by arguing with your spouse in front of your kids, or by talking bad about them behind their back. Not only will this have a profoundly negative psychological effect on them growing up; it will also limit your potential to gain custody if the judge catches wind of this.

5) Trial Isn’t Always the Best Option

We encourage amicable, mutual agreements when it comes to divorce proceedings. A mediator may be the best avenue to make your case as quick and stress-free as possible. Threatening to go to court over custody disagreements or asset negotiations will draw out the entire process. It can also cost a lot of money. If you are disputing who gets the assets, the money that ends up awarded to you might not even cover the expenses of the trial.

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We hope you keep these tips in mind as you start the next chapter of your life. We want to help get you through this in any way we can. Tanya L. Freeman can provide the assertive yet compassionate support you need to move forward with your life as quickly and easily as possible. Call today to schedule a consultation.

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