New Jersey Family Law Attorney Explains The Different Types Of Alimony

New Jersey Family Law Attorney Explains the Different Types of Alimony

Are There Different Types of Alimony?

As a New Jersey Family Law Attorney, I often get people that come to the office, and say, “I’ve Googled alimony, and I want to know, how does it work? How much do I have to pay? How long do I have to pay?” Those are always the primary considerations, but do you have an alimony case? Alimony is such a big-ticket item in the divorce.

The legislature here in New Jersey recently amended our alimony statute. Essentially, we have two components to alimony. We have cases where we’ll have limited duration of alimony, where you’re going to get alimony for a finite amount of time. Then we have open duration alimony, where there’ll be other triggers that will determine how long the alimony will continue. The how much, it really does depend on the facts of your case. You have a primary wage earner, and maybe one spouse stayed home. The spouse that stayed home, is he or she entitled to maintain the standard of living?, which you hear many people say. Something that looks like the standard of living during the marriage, but alimony is based on need; it’s based on the ability to pay, and it’s also based on the marital lifestyle. There are many factors that you want to discuss with your attorney regarding whether you even have an alimony case, and if you do have an alimony case, how much and how long.

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