New Jersey Divorce Lawyer Discusses The Fate Of Your Personal Belongings

New Jersey Divorce Lawyer Discusses the Fate of Your Personal Belongings

What Happens to My Personal Belongings After Divorce?

Clients often ask me as a New Jersey Divorce Lawyer, “What happens to our personal belongings in a divorce?” This can be a difficult question. Was a certain item a gift? For example, the wife says, “My husband gave me a Rolex watch at Christmastime. Is it a gift, or is it a marital asset? Now that we’re getting divorced, are we going to have to sell the watch and split proceeds?” You will want to discuss these and many other questions with your attorney. Personal belongings include everything that makes up the contents of your house – such as your jewelry, your clothing – and can even include personal electronics. There are cases where the parties actually divide up such things as iPads, televisions, and all of these kinds of things within the marital home. Generally speaking, however, gifts are gifts, and the person who received the gift will retain that gift, even post-divorce. For example, the wife who received the Rolex watch at Christmastime will continue to wear that watch even post-divorce.

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