New Jersey Divorce Lawyer Discusses Ground Rules for Family

How Can I Keep My Divorce Out of Family Conversation?

As a New Jersey Divorce Lawyer, I get questions all the time from clients regarding extended families and setting ground rules for them. As you navigate your journey to a divorce, inevitably in the extended family everyone’s going to have advice. Whether it’s your mother, your father, your sister, or your former mother-in-law, everyone’s going to have advice to offer you and your spouse and in particular the children. Early on in your journey, set the ground rules. Decide who you want to hear from or who you don’t want to hear from. If there are children along your journey and the children are navigating this process too, so most importantly set the ground rules for the children. The divorce is not the topic at Sunday dinner with grandma. Respectfully, “Grandma, we’re not going to talk about this in front of the children.” They didn’t choose the journey. They’re navigating the process with Mom and Dad. Let’s not make it more difficult than it needs to be. Don’t be afraid to push back. Family means well, but badmouthing the former spouse is not going to help the children navigate the journey.

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