Hudson County Divorce Attorney Discusses The Overall Process

Hudson County Divorce Attorney Discusses the Overall Process

What Happens During a Divorce?

As a Hudson County Divorce Attorney I will often receive questions regarding the overall divorce process.  The journey to a divorce has many phases. Initially someone’s drafting a complaint; someone’s filing a complaint. The other party’s responding. I’m often asked is it better to be the plaintiff or the defendant. It’s not a criminal case. There’s no negative connotation to being the defendant in the divorce. If your spouse embarked upon this journey before you, it’s okay.

Once you get through the filing of the complaint, there will be an opportunity to exchange information. We call that discovery. That is your sneak peek. That is your look into your spouse’s finances. From that your attorney should begin to develop some settlement position. Whether you intend to try your case because you don’t believe you’re going to agree on every issue or you’re looking forward to ending your journey early and sitting at a settlement table, the discovery process is what allows you to do that. It allows you to know what the family finances are, what your assets are, and what your liabilities are. Your attorney should help navigate the process of getting you to what a fair solution is for your family.

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