Handling School Events After a Divorce

Handling School Events After a DivorceOne of the concerns you may have if you are separating from your spouse is how you will be handling school events after a divorce. This includes things such as parent-teacher meetings, sporting events, or transportation to and from school.

Handling School Events After a Divorce

As a New Jersey Divorce Attorney, I get questions all the time from clients about how to deal with school events during the divorce. Navigating the journey with your children is going to lead to opportunities to spend time with your former spouse at school. School, soccer, volleyball, and any activity, you both have to be there to support your children.

Absent domestic violence and if there is some restriction on your both being in the same place at the same time, handling school event and showing up are things that you should coordinate. To the extent possible, if you could show up at the same time, for example, to the parent/ teacher meeting, why wouldn’t you? The children will only benefit emotionally and psychologically from Mom and Dad talking to the teacher together. Handling school events so that you both can attend could make the divorce a lot easier for your children.

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Possible Options

Why not have an open discussion with your child’s teachers together so that they know the situation? Furthermore, why not show up at the soccer game together? You don’t have to sit together. Supporting your child and showing confidence in them is a top priority.

It is a difficult thing to keep life pleasant for your children during divorce and handling school events may seem daunting, but it is in the best interest of the children for that to be an amicable situation.

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