Divorcing Spouses Living Together

Divorcing Spouses Living Together

It may come to no surprise to hear that divorcing spouses living together will sound shocking to others. If you are going through a divorce right now, you may be wondering if continuing to live together while the divorce is ongoing is a possibility.

  • In cases where a large disparity exists between the incomes of divorcing parties, courts may order one spouse to pay alimony to the other.
  • Aside for the income disparity, several other factors affect the calculation of alimony – including the couple’s lifestyle during the marriage, the dependent spouse’s need.
  • The length and amount of alimony are based on many statutory factors, and an attorney can guide you in understanding the process.


As a proficient New Jersey Divorce Attorney, I often get questions from clients about couples still living together when they are going through the divorce journey. During your journey to divorce, you and your spouse may decide that it’s practical to continue to live in the same home. If there is sufficient 

space and one of you is upstairs and one is downstairs or you’ve already moved to separate bedrooms, it is quite possible to go through this journey of divorce, living under the same roof. It affords you both the same opportunity to continue to enjoy the marital home, you don’t have the added expense of paying rent or a mortgage in a separate home while the case is pending. Also it really does allow you to both maintain the standard of living during the pendency of the divorce. However, if there is acrimony or if there’s any hint of domestic violence, that type of arrangement is just not going to work for your family and you need to consider how you are going to separate while you are continuing to go through your journey.

If you and your spouse agree that you can amicably live together, it is absolutely legal and possible for you to share a residency for as long as possible. It truly depends upon the circumstances of you and your spouse’s relationship.

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