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Hudson County

Hudson County, bordered by the Hudson River to the east and the Hackensack River to the west, is a dynamic county encompassing a mere 46.19 square miles of land. Although small, the area is densely populated with various ethnic and cultural backgrounds. The county is easily accessible to Manhattan, with various transportation options connecting it to New York City, making it an appealing destination for residents and visitors.

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Hudson County comprises several distinct towns, each with its own character and charm.

  • Bayonne

Located at the southwestern tip of the county, Bayonne boasts a mix of residential, industrial, and waterfront areas. Its diverse neighborhoods offer a sense of community, and the city provides access to parks and recreational activities.

  • East Newark

A small borough located within the larger urban context of Hudson County, East Newark is primarily residential and known for its tight-knit community feel.

  • Guttenberg

Situated on the Hudson River waterfront, Guttenberg is known for its breathtaking Manhattan skyline views. It’s a compact town with a mix of residential and commercial spaces.

  • Harrison

With a rich industrial history, Harrison has seen recent revitalization efforts. It’s home to the Red Bull Arena and offers easy access to transportation and entertainment options.

  • Hoboken

Famous as the birthplace of Frank Sinatra, Hoboken is characterized by its historic brownstone architecture, vibrant nightlife, and scenic waterfront. The town has a mix of residential and commercial areas, making it a desirable urban setting.

  • Jersey City

Hudson County’s largest city is Jersey City. Its downtown area features a blend of historic and modern architecture, while its neighborhoods reflect various cultures. It’s known for its arts scene, dining options, and waterfront views.

  • Kearny

This town is known for its history and industry. Kearny offers a mix of residential areas, commercial spaces, and industrial zones. It’s also home to Kearny Point, a modern business and creative hub.

  • North Bergen

Nestled along the county’s western edge, North Bergen is characterized by its varied terrain, from urban areas to hilly neighborhoods. The town provides picturesque views of the Manhattan skyline and the Hudson River.

  • Secaucus

Positioned in the center of Hudson County, Secaucus is known for its accessibility to major highways and transportation routes. It’s home to the Meadowlands Sports Complex and offers shopping and recreational options.

  • Union City

With a predominantly Hispanic population, Union City exudes a strong cultural identity. Its lively atmosphere is reflected in its festivals, food scene, and neighborhood events.

  • Weehawken

Known for its exceptional views of the Manhattan skyline, Weehawken is a picturesque town with a mix of residential areas and recreational spaces. It’s also home to the historic Hamilton-Burr duel site.

  • West New York

Situated along the Hudson River, West New York offers panoramic city views. It’s characterized by a blend of urban and residential areas and diverse dining options.

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