New Jersey Child Custody Attorney Explains if You Can Travel with the Children to Another Country

As a New Jersey Child Custody Attorney, I am often asked if a parent can travel to another country with their children.

  • International travel can be addressed in a settlement agreement.
  • If there is concern that one parent might flee the jurisdiction with the children, a parent may consider obtaining a court order preventing international travel while the divorce is pending.
  • If the children don’t have passports, the non-traveling parent’s consent to apply for it is necessary in many cases.
  • Among the important considerations that a parent must discuss with an attorney are: If the children travel internationally, are there countries they should not visit? How long may they be out of the country? How much prior notice does the other parent need before the children depart?
  • These issues can become highly contested – both during and post-divorce.

Do you want to take your child on vacation to another country but your ex is saying no?  Contact a New Jersey Child Custody Attorney Tanya L. Freeman to help you.

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