New Jersey Child Custody Lawyer Discusses Developing a Child Custody Arrangement for Your Family

As a New Jersey Child Custody Lawyer, clients often come to me and ask how they can create the best child custody arrangement for their family.

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  • Parents generally begin by considering how they will share legal and physical custody of their children.
  • One parent may be designated the parent of primary residence – the parent with whom the child or children will live the majority of the time. The other parent is then referred to as the parent of alternate residence.
  • Contention arises when both parents hope to be the parent of primary residence, and many factors can affect the potential success of a 50/50 custody arrangement.
  • If a 50/50 arrangement is not suitable for your family, one parent may be the primary parent, and the parent of alternate residence may have a specified parenting time schedule.
  • There’s no cookie cutter approach to custody. The real question is, “What’s in the best interest of the children?” Ideally, parents can build plans that truly focus on the children. Because parents are generally best equipped to make this determination, they should do their best to focus on what’s best for the child or children.

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