Women and Divorce

Women and Divorce

Women and DivorceDivorce is a journey and you’re going to want to have a partner in the legal process. This partner should understand women and divorce. Our New Jersey divorce lawyer Tanya Freeman knows that women need support while going through their divorce and be able to trust and rely on their attorney.

Women and Divorce | How Women Should Prepare for Divorce

As a woman looking to navigate your journey through divorce, it’s important that the first partner you pick in the process is your attorney. You want to connect with your attorney. We tell women to think of the person who cuts your hair or does your highlights. You have a connection with the person who does your hair and as silly as it sounds, you need to connect on a higher level of course, but you need to connect that way with your attorney. You need to know that he or she is listening to you, that they’re offering you creative solutions, and that they’re going to be available to you when you have a question. I don’t mean 24/7 but your attorney is going to be accessible to you. Can you text a question? How will you communicate with your attorney? This person is integral to your journey and be sure that you are selecting the right person to help you along through the process.

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Women and Divorce | How Women Should be Managing Their Divorce

Managing your journey as a woman through the process of divorce really can take form in many different ways. First consider, are you navigating this journey alone for example, or do you have children? Then build your system with your attorney. How are you communicating with him or her? How often are you going to speak? Are you going to do everything in person or are you doing things by phone, email, and fax? What is your support system like? Do you have a girlfriend who’s going to be your sounding board? Are you engaging a professional who’s going to help you through some of the emotional aspects of the divorce? Those are all things that you want to consider when getting organized. Have your space for the things that you need in your divorce. Your financials, whether you were the person who filed the taxes, or you signed off on the taxes because your spouse completed them, make sure it’s all in one place. Have your own space for when you need to work on your case. This is your space to think, your space to work, and your space to gather documents that your attorney’s going to need to help you get through the journey.

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