Who Pays for Child Medical Expenses?

Essex County Child Support Lawyer Explains How to Handle Child Medical Expenses

I am often asked as an Essex County Child Support Lawyer, as to how families should handle child medical expenses.  I often work with families that have extraordinary out-of-pocket medical expenses. Perhaps one of the children has autism or some other illness that requires regular medical attention. It could be for medications or special programs the child needs to attend. It could be speech therapy or occupational therapy, but the family knows they will continue to have these recurring costs on a monthly basis. These considerations are above and beyond the child support calculation, and it’s very important that they’re quantified early on in the litigation so that a contingency plan is in place to ensure that the child receives uninterrupted services while the case is pending and post-divorce. Extraordinary medical expenses for a child with special needs is a very important consideration and you must work with your attorney to flesh out its financial impact.

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