Purchasing a Home Together Before Marriage

If you are going through a divorce and you own property, watch this video about purchasing a home together before marriage. Call our New Jersey divorce lawyers for guidance.

As a New Jersey Divorce Lawyer, I am often asked how a home that was purchased together before marriage is handled during the divorce.

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  • Today, two spouses often purchase a home together before they marry. Parties who live together for a long period of time may save their money and buy a home prior to marriage.
  • Difficulties arise when the parties’ funding of the down payment for a premarital asset is unequal – or when one spouse funds the premarital asset completely.
  • A number of fact-sensitive issues must be discussed with your divorce attorney to determine an equitable distribution of this asset.

This educational video was brought to you by Tanya L. Freeman, a New Jersey Divorce Lawyer with offices in Parsippany and Jersey City.

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