New Jersey Divorce Attorney Discusses Child Care

How Do We Handle Child Care During Divorce?

As a New Jersey Divorce Attorney, I get questions all the time from clients about child care during a divorce. Child care expenses in a divorce is an issue that the parties really need to address at the onset. In particular, if one spouse has been a stay-at-home parent and now, post-divorce, he or she is expected to enter the workforce. There is going to be a cost for work related child care whether it’s before care, after care, or summer camp there is going to be a cost for both spouses now entering the workforce. Perhaps both spouses are already in the workforce and you employ a nanny. All of the expenses related to the children are something that has to be considered in your divorce whether you’re reaching a settlement agreement or you’re taking your case to trial. The cost for the children includes the cost for work-related child care and summer camp. Those costs will increase as the children get older the sports, the summer camps, and etc. That’s something that you want to factor in your financial consideration in your divorce.

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