Hudson County Family Law Attorney Answers How Long a Parent Has to Pay Child Support

How Long Do I Have to Pay Child Support For?

As a Hudson County Family Law Attorney, I often get questions from clients about time a parent has to pay child support. The duty to pay child support belongs to both parents in a divorce. In New Jersey we use a calculation, there’s a formula that is a composite of both the mother’s income and the father’s income and the court will calculate the child support. Your attorney probably has the same software and can generate an appropriate child support calculation for your family. Child support continues in the State of New Jersey until your child is emancipated. Emancipation is an event. Either your child has graduated high school and is not going on to higher education or your child has gone off to college and now he or she is graduating. If you reached a settlement agreement, that should discuss emancipation. It should put a placeholder in there. Are you giving your child four years to graduate college or five years to graduate college? What’s the end date? That is something you should negotiate up front.

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