Hudson County Divorce Lawyer Discusses Caring for Children

How Should We Care for Our Children During the Divorce?

As a Hudson County Divorce Lawyer, I get questions all the time from clients about what happens to children during the journey of divorce. One of the most difficult aspects of divorce are the cases that involve children. Whether the children are very young, in high school, or even away in college, you’re taking apart a family that involve other people besides the husband and wife who have decided to part ways. There are many ways to resolve the issues surrounding the children, the parents always have the opportunity to really mediate those issues.

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As a New Jersey Divorce Lawyer my recommendation to my clients is no one knows better what’s going to work for your children than you and your soon-to-be former spouse. You’ve raised these children together; you know what’s going to work for them. Rather than turn this issue over to a judge, it’s one of the nice components of divorce that’s right for mediation. If you can’t make the decision, a judge is going to call it.

I really spend a lot of time with my clients working through creative solutions. How are we going to spend the holidays? How are we going to share birthdays? How are we going to share milestones in the children’s lives? Are we going to uproot the children from the school system that they know, or are we going to build a settlement position that allows one of the parties in the case to stay put and give the children as much stability as we can during the divorce and thereafter?

The divorce involving children is difficult, and you need the best attorney that you connect with to help you bring your children through this process. They didn’t ask for the divorce. It’s important that we think about the children.

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