Helping Children Understand Divorce

Divorce can be tough for children. Helping children understand divorce can happen in many ways. Here are a couple things you and your spouse can do to smooth out this transition for your children.

Helping Children Understand Divorce | Parenting Time Schedules

Helping Children Understand Divorce NJ Divorce Lawyer Family LawI often get questions from clients about parenting time schedules. On your journey, you’re going to have to decide what the right parenting time schedule is for you and what is going to work for your former spouse. Parenting time is fluid; it’s always subject to change. What worked at the beginning of your journey when you first separated or when you first embarked upon your journey to divorce may not be the schedule that ultimately works in the end. Be flexible; stay in tune with the children. What are they feeling and saying? How’s the transition going for them? That parenting time schedule that you created, make sure you don’t lock your heels in and say that this is the schedule, take it or leave it. Also, don’t say you never going to change because then you’re losing sight of your children, and just recognize that they’re going to change over time as you move through this journey.

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Helping Children Understand Divorce | Importance of Mediation for Your Children

I get questions all the time from clients about mediation and why it is important. Along your journey, the opportunity to mediate parenting time and custody issues is valuable. There are no two better people to decide how the children are going to navigate this journey than their mother and their father. Every court in the state has a mediation program. You’ll have the opportunity to spend time with a qualified mediator that can help the two of you develop a program/schedule, if you will, that will work for your children, if you allow it. Think about the children and know that they’re going to mature through this process, and what worked for them at the onset of your case may be totally different in the end. Keep an open mind, and hopefully your journey will end with a schedule that works best for your children.

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