Essex County Family Law Attorney Clarifies Parenting Time and Visitation

What is Visitation and Parenting Time?

As a Essex County Family Law Attorney, I often get questions from clients regarding parenting time and visitation. Parenting time is the schedule that we put in place for the alternate parent’s schedule with the children. Parenting time is very important and is a fluid process. What worked when your child was two years old, may not work when he or she is 12 years old. Parents need to be cognizant that this schedule may change over time. Your child may dictate when this schedule changes. Things that go into a parenting time schedule are holidays. How are we going to spend the holidays? How are we going to spend the child’s birthday? How are we going to celebrate special events such as weddings and baptism? How will we work as two parents now that we’re divorced in sharing our child or children?

Parenting time and visitation can sometimes be challenging, contact our Essex County Family Law Attorney with any questions.

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