Essex County Child Support Attorney Discusses College Expenses

Do I Have to Help My Child Pay for College Expenses?

As a Essex County Child Support Attorney, I often get questions from clients about children’s college costs after a divorce. College contribution is an important consideration in a divorce. There is no cookie cutter answer to wither your child should stay in state, whether your child should go out of state, or whether your child should go to a public college versus a private college. You have to do what’s best for your child and do what works for the family’s budget. If you’re getting divorced and your child is nowhere near college age, you should put a placeholder in your settlement agreement to at least express what your intent is. Is it your intent that your child will stay in state? I’m not saying that’s going to be enforceable, but is it your intent for your child to go to the college of his or her dreams versus the college that the two of you can afford at the time your child is entering college? All of these are important considerations and things to discuss with your attorney and your soon to be former spouse in the process leading up to your settlement agreement.

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