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What Happens After Filing Divorce?

What Happens After Filing Divorce New Jersey Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is a long journey, and every step brings with it its own unique challenges. First, an individual has to decide to seek a divorce—a daunting choice to have to make. Then, an attorney must be hired, the spouse must be notified, and papers must be drafted, and all these factors together can prove emotionally […]

Child Custody in New Jersey

Child Custody in New Jersey

The process of determining child custody is complicated, and in more acrimonious divorces, custody can serve as a wedge issue. In most cases, both parents want the children to live with them as much as possible. An even split, however, is rarely achievable, and parents must seek a compromise rather than an all-or-nothing arrangement in […]

3 Child Custody Issues to Take Care of Early On

3 Child Custody Issues to Take Care of Early On

When going through a divorce with children, your focus is all on them.  Read this informative blog by Attorney Tanya Freeman to learn what child custody issues you need to take care of early on. Download Our Free Child Custody and Support Guide In all my years, if there is one thing I have learned, […]

Domestic Violence and Divorce: Know Your Options

Domestic Violence and Divorce Know Your Options

According to most statistics, domestic violence is the second most under-reported crime in the U.S., after rape. Domestic abuse makes victims feel trapped. If you’re suffering abuse from your domestic partner, you might be hesitating to get a  divorce: you could fear reprisals from your spouse, you may be worried about becoming homeless or endangering your […]

New Jersey Divorce Guide

A Comprehensive Guide to Getting Divorced in New Jersey

When starting the divorce journey, you may find situations arise that you don’t have an answer for. The Comprehensive New Jersey Divorce Guide was created by Jersey City Divorce Attorney Tanya Freeman to help residents gain a perspective on the difficulties that many face while going through the divorce process. Starting the Divorce Process Some […]