3 Child Support Facts

Are you wondering how you should handle child support payments? Check out these 3 child support facts, then call our New Jersey lawyer today.

1. Paying For a Teen Driver’s Car Insurance

  • 3 Child Support FactsDon’t neglect those very important family details, such as a child who is approaching the age when he or she becomes eligible to get a driving permit. When that happens, car insurance may be a significant impact on the household budget where that child lives.
  • Both parents can agree at the time of a divorce how foreseeable expenses such as those associated with a child beginning to drive – including the cost of car insurance and driving school.

2. Private School Tuition

  • If the child attended private school for a significant length of time during the marriage, tuition is an important consideration that should be discussed early in the divorce process.
  • Many factors determine whether the parent of alternate residence – or both parents – will be responsible for private school tuition when that expense did not occur during the marriage.
  • Whether or not a child will attend private school – and whether the other parent will be required to contribute – is fact-sensitive inquiry and the guidance of an attorney may assist families faced with this decision.

3. Work Related Child Care

  • When both parents work outside the home, work-related childcare expenses are often included when calculating child support.
  • School-age children may require before care or aftercare – and a component for summer camp may also be included when child support is calculated.

Are you wondering how you should handle child support payments? After reading these 3 child support facts, contact a New Jersey Child Support Attorney Tanya L. Freeman for a free legal consultation and case evaluation to get started on your claim.

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